4 Pages Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

4 Pages Financial Analysis

Rufus textbook Chapter 5 Appendix 5-A (Green Mountain Case)

(Please see attached PDF)

Green Mountain, now known as Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is a leader in the specialty coffee and coffeemaker business. Your assignment is to perform a financial analysis for 2007-11 similar to ZZZZ Best. (Please see attached PowerPoint for the financial analysis for ZZZZ Best)

Use the financial statement information in Appendix 5-A of the Rufus textbook. All the calculations of metrics have been done for you so you can focus on the analysis. Similar to the financial analysis for ZZZZ Best, you should cover:

¤ Consider quality of financial information- how reliable is it?

¤ Look at big picture- briefly discuss how company is doing overall

¤ Dig into details- IS, BS, SCF – review horizontal, vertical analysis and ratios

¤ Consider all relevant ratios

¤ Discuss any unusual items- this is where you summarize findings and concerns

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