Anthropology : Race And The AAPA

Anthropology 130 Extra Credit – AAPA Statement on Race 
 20 points maximum

The AAPA is the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, the largest and oldest national professional organization for people in this field. It was founded in 1930! As

representatives of this profession, they release statements addressing issues of concern in our culture, offering their evidence-based perspective.

Part One Go to and read the AAPA Statement on Biological Aspects of Race (American Association of Physical

Anthropologists, 2019). The AAPA statement was written by a committee of physical anthropologists to address how the concept of race as thought of by the public does not match

what anthropologists have found.

Part Two Reflect on race, anthropology, and our culture. Answer each part of the question.

a. How does the public view of race differ from the anthropological view?

b. This statement is very new, from April 2019. Do you think this message is helpful in educating the public? Why or why not?

Your reflection should be at least 300 words, and written as an organized paragraph. Turn in your completed assignment on Canvas or in class by the due date.

Grading A full score will be given to a reflection that addresses all of the required points. The breakdown

of the assigned score are:

• Addresses both of the prompt’s questions in detail (15 points)

� of �1 2



• College level writing: organized and free from spelling and grammatical problems (5 points)

References American Association of Physical Anthropologists. (2019). AAPA statement on race and racism. Retrieved from


� of �2 2


  • Anthropology 130 Extra Credit – AAPA Statement on Race 20 points maximum

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