ARTS 100 WEEK 2 The Visual Arts

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ARTS 100 WEEK 2 The Visual Arts

ARTS 100 WEEK 2 The Visual Arts

Option A

Visual Arts Summary

Research one painting, sculpture, or work of architecture. You may choose an example from the text or from an online, academic resource.

Write a 350- to 700-word summary describing your selected work of art or architecture. Include the following in your description:

  • A description of the use of color, line, composition, or other formal elements in the work
  • A description of the types of media or materials used in the work
  • An overview of the subject represented or the style of architecture

Apply appropriate APA formatting.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

Option B

Visual Arts Portfolio

Create a portfolio of five to six works of art and architecture organized under one of the following themes or another theme of your own creation:

  • Works of art and architecture I would like to see in person
  • Highlights of art and architecture from the Italian Renaissance
  • Works from the Capitol: the art and architecture of Washington, D.C.

Write a brief four- to six-sentence description of each work of art or architecture that includes a description of its formal elements, the type of media or material used, and an overview of the subject or style of the work of art or architecture.

It is recommended you use Google Cultural Institute to help you on this assignment or you may use the websites of museums, cultural institutions, or other academic online resources. If you use Google Cultural Institute, register at the site. This will allow you to select images and create your own gallery. On the Google Cultural Institute pages, browse and search images and save them by clicking on the plus sign located above the image, near the title. Once you have your selection of images, click on “Create your own galleries…” or “My Galleries” to create a gallery using the images you have saved. When creating your gallery, you must add a description to each work to fulfill the requirements of this assignment; do this by clicking “Edit” under each image when in your gallery. Finally, you must make your gallery public to share it; do this by clicking on “Private” and then copy the url of your gallery page from the address bar and submit this to your instructor.

If you do not use the Google Cultural Institute to create a gallery, you may use another presentation tool for this assignment, such as PowerPoint® or Prezi. If you do so, make sure to include correct APA formatting to cite each image and resource, and include your descriptions in the speaker notes or in another document.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab. 

Option C (This option is tailored for Education majors.)

Scavenger Hunt Worksheet and Answer Key

Imagine you are a teacher creating an online activity on the topic of the humanities for your students.

Create a museum website scavenger hunt worksheet and answer key for your class. Decide which grade level, K-12, you are teaching and keep the age of your students in mind when creating this activity.

Include the following in your worksheet:

  • Two to three questions on formal elements in art
  • Two to three questions on media and materials in art
  • Two to three questions on the subject matter or style of a work of art or architecture
  • The use of at least one to two different museum or cultural institution websites

The answer key must demonstrate your own understanding of the following:

  • How color, line, and other formal elements are used in art and architecture
  • The various effects of different media or materials (such as watercolor, oils, or stone masonry), and how they are used by the artist or architect
  • How artists tell a story with their art, or how subject or style is communicated in art
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