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Your third essay is to be an argumentative essay on an issue of your choosing. You will write a thesis-driven essay asserting a perspective (opinion) on a contemporary issue. Be sure your thesis is valid and focused. Provide support for your assertion, including engaging in academic conversation with at least two outside sources.

This is not an analysis essay, although you will want to scrutinize any resources you utilize.

Remember to watch out for logical fallacies, both in what you reference and in what you present.

Usual formatting expectations (MLA style; TNR 12-pt font; 1” margins; etc.) 850-word minimum word count. Utilize at least two outside reference sources. Shoot for about a 70/30 ratio of original to referenced content. Remember to cite correctly.

the topic is about: issue about immigration in the USA

also I want you to add the thesis statement  in the essay and add it at the end of the essay so that i get to know the thesis very well note that iam an international student so please make sure its an easy vocabulary and formating

thank you

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