Assignment: Anesthetic Without Epinephrine

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Assignment: Anesthetic Without Epinephrine

Assignment: Anesthetic Without Epinephrine

Dr. Smith has a full morning of minor office surgeries scheduled for today. Sarah, his nurse, has set up the room and prepared the patient. Prior to starting, Dr. Smith requests anesthetic without epinephrine due to the location of the surgical site. Searching the drawers and supply closet, Sarah reports, “We don’t have any.”
Fortunately, Sarah was able to borrow a vial from the physician in an adjacent office suite. Investigation by the office manager reveals that the supply was not reordered when the previous stock was disposed of due to its expiration date. This disruption in supply chain management resulted in an inefficient use of physician time and an uncomfortable situation in the presence of a patient.
Create a 2-page executive summary explaining to your staff the significant of stocking, placing timely orders, and provide a step by step method on what to do in order to avoid this type of situation in Dr. Smith’s office.
Gather your research from at least 2 sources other than your textbook. Cite your sources using APA guidelines. All submitted work should be free of grammatical errors.

Because it constricts blood vessels, epinephrine (adrenaline) is frequently used to anesthetic injections for dentistry. 
This helps the anesthesia’s pain-killing effects stay where they’re required, reducing bleeding. 
People with uncontrolled high blood pressure, as well as those on tricyclic antidepressants like Elavil, MAO inhibitors, or non-specific beta-blockers, should avoid epinephrine-containing anesthesia, according to Dr. David Cottrell, chairman of the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery at Boston University School of Dental Medicine.


People who have atrial fibrillation, kind of heart arrhythmia, should avoid epinephrine-containing anesthetic because it can make an already “irritable” heart even more prone to arrhythmia, according to Dr. Thomas Kilgore, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon at BU.


Prilocaine and Carbocaine, as well as nitrous oxide, are alternatives to epinephrine-based anesthetic (“laughing gas”). 
Lidocaine by alone is also viable option.


Bottom line: Although the small quantity of epinephrine in most dental anesthetics is unlikely to cause problems (as long as your dentist injects it into your gums rather than blood vessels), tell your dentist about any medical issues you have and any medications you’re taking just to be safe. 
Then you can talk about your options.
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