Assignment: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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Assignment: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Assignment: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Analyze the different diagnostic testing and laboratory values and explain how the patient’s lab values represent manifestations of underlying pathophysiology.

1. List all lab values, normal and abnormal

2. Interpretation of abnormal values and correlation with disease, medication regime and assessment.

3. Identify values that require close monitoring and identification of reportable conditions.

4. Nursing interventions for normal lab data appropriate to the patient

5. I identify other treatments and diagnostic testing


Please include in-text citations and and you references to the list. 

Paper should be limited to 2-3 pages.

APA format is expected with 12 font Times New Roman, double spaced and attention to grammar and spelling.Your textbooks including the Medical-Surgical textbook should be primary sources of citation and cited correctly both in-text as well as in your references.

This paper reports on the development and piloting of a new measure of health literacy based on Nutbeam’s expanded model of this construct [15]. We hope this will stimulate further debate about how Nutbeam’s framework should be translated into practical approaches to measurement and thus contribute to further refinement of the health literacy concept. We investigated the face validity, feasibility, internal consistency and construct validity of the measure and its components. Further research needs to be undertaken with this measure with larger and more nationally representative service user populations. Moreover, the predictive validity of the scale needs further investigation with regards to objectively demonstrated health outcomes in populations with specific health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

4.3. Practice implications

Assessment of health literacy has yet to become a clearly established aspect of clinical practice or population-level health needs assessment. Warnings about the potential disbenefits of the routine use of health literacy screening instruments should be heeded, in terms of the potential embarrassment to service users and negative labelling [59]. However, use of a more comprehensive health literacy assessment tool such as the AAHLS can highlight not only service user’s needs for additional support in accessing health care, but also the strengths and capabilities that they can bring to healthcare encounters and initiatives to promote community health. There is a growing appreciation that health promotion programmes need to aim further than a directive transmission of information between health care providers and users which require functional health literacy skills only. A further possible use of the AAHLS is as a evaluation measure to identify how well health promotion efforts support the development of all aspects of health literacy.

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