Assignment: Cleveland-Clinic

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Assignment: Cleveland-Clinic

Assignment: Cleveland-Clinic

From this article:   discuss one key concept or idea that you can immediately apply to a complex problem at your current organization.


  1. The overall concept or idea.
  2. The complex problem that you will address, including the multiple elements and layers of the problem.Emergency room visits are expensive, and people are often unable to pay their bills. Interest accrued on unpaid bills can quickly become more than the original expense. In addition, participants reported that is common for bills to be sent in English and people who do not read or speak English are not able to understand what the bill is about or what they need to do to settle it. As such, the fear of going to the doctor is much more complicated than concern over what unpleasantness may be entailed in a particular treatment. Among families living in poverty, the cost of healthcare causes a level of stress that people described as a fear. This fear is created, not by the illness of diabetes itself, but by the structural relations defining the economic condition of a low-income, immigrant community that intersect with the incidence of chronic disease. Without resources, people are unable to obtain the healthcare they need to treat or prevent diabetes. This disparity is then exacerbated by the stress and often debilitating fear caused by the financial burden associated with illness or with trying to stay well. The fear itself then nurtures and encourages further health disparity nicely captured in the comment by one participant that, “That’s why there’s a lot of depression in this community…they don’t have the resources to pay for the basic needs (especially if you’re undocumented)
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