Assignment: Effects Of Early Childhood Classroom

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Assignment: Effects Of Early Childhood Classroom

Assignment: Effects Of Early Childhood Classroom

size and duration on development of children. Eurasian Journal Of Educational Research (EJER), (68), 257-271. doi:10.14689/ejer.2017.68.14

In the article by Canbeldek and Isikoglu Erdogan (2017) data was gathered by using the “Informational questionnaire” and “Ankara Developmental Screening Inventory”. Afterwards, data was analyzed and interpret by factorial ANOVA, independent t-test techniques, and repeated ANOVAs. Since the data was trying to prove if there is a significant connection among classroom size and the developmental levels of children; also, if the relationship of the study programs have an impact in the developmental levels of children a two way Anova is a the most pertinent statistical test used. We must remember that whenever we are evaluating the relationship between two separate groups and their interaction a two way Anova is the test that should be use.

A factorial Anova in this article was used was 2 by 4 also using Tukey procedure to establish the impact or relation of classroom size and duration on the children’s development level. The factorial Anova is appropriate when one desires to investigate the outcome of two independent categorical variables (classroom size and program duration) on the dependent variable (developmental levels of children). In order to presents the results, the researchers used 4 tables where they show the comparison among the variables in Table 1 of the One way Anova they first performed, table 2 of the two way Anova, table 3 the basic descriptive statistics, and in table 4 the Turkey test they used as Post Hoc test. To be able to show if there was any significance in the estimates the used the Plot graphic and by the results of them since they did not intercept at any points the can conclude that there is statistical significance between the factors under investigation.

Even though the results demonstrated a significant connection between classroom size and developmental levels of children the figure ant tables display the results but did not demonstrated another aspect that were in the investigation and that variable was not between the factors and it was unclear whether the results were because of cultural component or large size classroom. I assumed that further research should take place taking the other factors into consideration. In conclusion, according to the results shown in the tables we can conclude that with some factors were not statistical significant. That part of the results confused me a little bit because they should have also, do like it was taught in the class a crosstab table to establish a connection between the Independent Variables and that it was not observed in the article.

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