Assignment: Focused Brief Therapy

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Assignment: Focused Brief Therapy

Assignment: Focused Brief Therapy

Review the located in   the topical materials. Identify a specific presenting concern that one   of the Vargas family members has identified this week. Create a   “transcript” of a session as a solution-focused counselor,   using solution-oriented terms and concepts, to work with the client in   identifying a solution to the problem. The transcript should be   500-750 words in length. Use the SFBT Manual transcripts as an example.

Although the ultimate reason women derogate rivals is unknown, we strongly suspect that the use of indirect aggression by human females is rooted in evolutionary history. It has been noted in the nonhuman animal literature that female reproduc- tive competition is most intense within species in which males invest heavily in their offspring (with some exceptions see Clutton-Brock, 2007]. In humans, males are invested in their offspring, albeit to a lesser extent than females, and because they invest they also tend to be selective in terms of who they mate with on a long-term basis [Kenrick et al., 1990]. This choosiness puts pressure on females to compete for the most desirable mates and the form this competition takes is often the derision of perceived rivals [Campbell, 2002; Vaillancourt, 2005]. Using an experimental design, results of Study 1

provide support for the hypothesis that women do engage in intrasexual competition and that the form it takes is indirect aggression. In the presence of an attractive female who defied social convention by dressing in a sexually provocative manner, almost all women randomly assigned to this condition aggressed against her. The women in this condition were more likely to roll their eyes at the confederate, look her up and down, stare at her without conveying any emotion, and show anger while she was in the room. When the confederate left the room, many of them laughed at her, ridiculed her appearance, and/or suggested that she was sexually available. In contrast, when the same attractive confederate was dressed conservatively, the women assigned to this condition behaved well. They greeted her in a friendly manner, and none of them discussed her when she left the room. Baumeister and Twenge [2002] hypothesized that

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