Assignment: Impacting The International Health Community

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Assignment: Impacting The International Health Community

Assignment: Impacting The International Health Community

Select a global health issue impacting the international health community.

Briefly describe the global health issue and its impact on the larger health care system (i.e., continents, regions, countries, states, and health departments).

How can health care delivery systems work collaboratively to address global health concerns?Who are some of the stakeholders that may work on these issues?

Readings within your text covering international/global health and the following websites will assist you in answering these questions:

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Global Health website:

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Global Health website:

Families USA – Why Global Health Matters—Here and Abroad website:

World Health Organization (WHO) website:

500 words, 2 reference APA format.

Early public health nurses came closer than hospital-based nurses to the autonomy and professionalism that Nightingale advocated. Their work was conducted in the unconfined setting of the home and community, they were independent, and they enjoyed recognition as specialists in preventive health (Buhler-Wilkerson, 1985). Public health nurses from the beginning were much more holistic in their practice than their hospital counterparts. They were involved with the health of industrial workers, immigrants, and their families and were concerned about exploitation of women and children. These nurses also played a part in prison reform and care of the mentally ill (Heinrich, 1983).

Considered the first African American public health nurse, Jessie Sleet Scales was hired in 1902 by the Charity Organization Society, a philanthropic organization, to visit African American families infected by TB. Scales provided district nursing care to New York City’s African American families and is credited with paving the way for African American nurses in the practice of community health (Mosley, 1996).

Dorothea Lynde Dix Dorothea Lynde Dix, a Boston schoolteacher, became aware of the horrendous conditions in prisons and mental institutions when asked to do a Sunday school class at the House of Correction in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was appalled at what she saw and went about studying whether the conditions were isolated or widespread; she took 2 years off to visit every jail and almshouse from Cape Cod to Berkshire (Tiffany, 1890). Her report was devastating. Boston was scandalized by the reality that the most progressive state in the Union was now associated with such appalling conditions. The shocked legislature voted to allocate funds to build hospitals. For the rest of her life, Dorothea Dix stood out as a tireless zealot for the humane treatment of the insane and imprisoned. She had exceptional savvy in dealing with legislators. She acquainted herself with the legislators and their records and displayed the “spirit of a crusader.” For her contributions, Dix is recognized as one of the pioneers of the reform movement for mental health in the United States, and her efforts are felt worldwide to the present day (Dietz & Lehozky, 1963).

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