Assignment: Nursing Home Care

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Assignment: Nursing Home Care

Assignment: Nursing Home Care

In each week’s entry the Students are required to maintain weekly Reflective Journal (no more than 400 words is necessary), you should reflect on the Personal Knowledge and Skills Gained. Your entry should address a variable combination of the following, dependent on the specific practice immersion clinical experiences you encountered that week based on an example of clinical practice learned in (Nursing Home Care)

1.New practice approaches

2.Intraprofessional collaboration

3.Health care delivery and clinical systems

4.Ethical considerations in health care

5.Population health concerns

6.Health policy

7.Leadership and economic models

8.Health disparities

Cost as a Dimension of Fear As described above, the ID has high levels of poverty with a median household income that is well below national and county average (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010). This disparity can be seen geographically. Our data mapping demonstrates sharp income disparity between the ID and its surrounding neighborhoods. Moreover, the maps show this same geographic pattern for a number of other negative social indicators, including low education attainment, high levels of transience, housing vacancies. This suggests that poverty is tied with many other socio- economic aspects of the community. The same geographic pattern emerges for health issues. Furthermore, our data maps demonstrate that low economic status correlates with high uninsured rates. Because of the economic insecurity, one of the prominent dimensions of fear to emerge during interviews and focus groups was in relation to the financial burden associated with illness. Participants reported that people in this community fear seeking assistance with health concerns or getting sick because of the cost involved, saying “People are afraid to go to the doctor…they can’t afford the bills, can’t make the payment…they are scared, afraid” and “People are afraid

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