Assignment: Revision Health Benefits Of Breastfeeding

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Assignment: Revision Health Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Assignment: Revision Health Benefits Of Breastfeeding

To narrow down our research we began with the topic, in this case it is breastfeeding benefits for children from infections and chronic illnesses. The articles provide studies done in children in relationship to breastfeeding, neurodevelopment, infection and chronic illnesses. We gathered quantitative research data that shows benefits from breastmilk in relationship to children, neurodevelopment, infections and chronic illness. Some of the articles analyze the effects of breastfeeding in comparison to unfed breastmilk children. This entails randomized controlled trails, quasi experiments, and cohort studies. The articles also help us answer our PICO question by helping us determine if children who have been breastfed as infants, compared to those who have not been breastfed have a lower risk for health problems such as infections or chronic illnesses.

The health outcomes varied considerably for babies who were breastfed compared to those who were not. Not breastfeeding infants exposed them to increased risks of infancy leukemia, sudden baby death syndrome, infancy type one and type two diabetes, and obesity along with a high rate of infectious morbidity.  On the other hand, Mothers who did not breastfeed their infants faced elevated incidences of developing type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and ovarian cancer, postnatal weight gain, myocardial infarction, and breast cancer.  The purpose of this paper was to determine if the breastfed infants had any health benefits compared to those who did not get breastfed.

Annotated Bibliography

Ashraf, F Jalil, S Zaman, J Karlberg, S R Khan, B S Lindblad and L. Arch Dis. Child

           (1991) ADC Breast feeding and protection against neonatal sepsis in a high-risk

population 66: 488-490.

This article provides answers to mother who were concern about start breast feeding their baby right away or not, to prevent any neonatal infections such as septicemia. The study indicates that protection against neonatal sepsis should start from day one after birth not 3 or 4 days later. According to this article, a lot of cases of neonatal sepsis were found where the baby had died early, even before parents have a chance to take them to the hospital or an urgent care. Another factor that was brought up during this study is that most mother that did not feed their baby with breast milk, were feeding their baby with other foods and fluids to keep those babies alive, and most of those foods and fluids were believing or not contaminated with all kinds of microbes that were invisible and were ingested to the new babies who will get sick and maybe loose their life because of that.

Casiday, R. E., Wright, C. M., Panter-Brick, C., & Parkinson, K. N. (2004). Do early infant

feeding patterns relate to breast-feeding continuation and weight gain? Data from a

longitudinal cohort study. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 58(9), 1290-1296.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Malnutrition can start before birth and can persist throughout life. Many babies are born with low birth weight and micronutrient deficiencies. Poor feeding practices during the first two years of life have immediate and often long-term negative consequences on growth and development. In this article Casidy et. al (2012), researches 923 mothers of full-term infants feeding breast versus bottle fed babies associated with weight gain. Mothers of these infants had a feeding diary in an Urban UK community. Results showed breast-fed fed more frequently than bottle fed infants. The large-scale study shed the importance of breastfeeding and infant weight gain versus bottle fed infants.

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