Assignment: ‘State Of The Art’ In The Area Of Health Informatics

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Assignment: ‘State Of The Art’ In The Area Of Health Informatics

Assignment: ‘State Of The Art’ In The Area Of Health Informatics

The description is attached below and should follow the Harvard referencing style for citation, referencing and for bibliography. the topic selected should be relevant from the health informatics and  word count should be 2000 word

Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, Volume 6, Issue 2, Summer 2013

neighborhood residence, immigration policy, or government subsidies to industrial agriculture, is generally considered to be beyond the scope of study and therefore avoided in public health research. Increasingly though, because of the growing diabetes “epidemic” (Lam and LeRoith 2012) a social determinants of health perspective is seen as more adequate than a focus on individual behavior for addressing diabetes (Fisher, Chesla, Mullan, Skaff, and Kanter 2001; Peyrot, McMurry Jr, and Kruger 1999; Schulz, Zenk, Odoms-Young, Hollis-Neely, Nwankwo, Lockett, Ridella, and Kannan 2005). Groundbreaking research on social determinants of health (e.g., Kawachi and Bruce 2006; Marmot and Bell 2009; Syme and Frohlich 2002) and how “social factors ‘get into the body’ to cause disease (Syme 2005) helped to focus on disease mechanisms that had not previously been well understood or even imagined. For example, the impact of chronic stress (Cohen, Doyle, and Baum 2006; Kopp, Skrabski, Szé kely, Stauder, and Williams 2007) and the fact that individuals from low-income communities are exposed to higher levels of stress are now recognized as significant and cumulative influences on health and health disparities (Davey Smith 2003; Evans and Schamberg 2009; Raphael, Anstice, Raine, McGannon, Rizvi, and Yu 2003). The social determinants approach acknowledges that health behavior reflects more than individual desire or intention to change (Caban and Walker 2006; Cabassa,

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