Assignment: Stroke CT Imaging

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Assignment: Stroke CT Imaging

Assignment: Stroke CT Imaging

Forty percent of the sample said they had no formal educational qualifications. This can be compared with local borough-wide statistics, which describe 40% of the population are at or below NVQ Level 1 [52] which corresponds to 5 good passes at GCSE or high school certificate.

Twenty eight percent of the sample reported that they had a health problem, which affected their everyday life. The sample appeared to be relatively frequent attenders of primary health care settings, with nearly half reporting that their previous visit had been within the last month.

3.2. Scores on AAHLS items

Scores on the different items are displayed in Table 2. We did not establish a cut-off for ‘‘adequate’’ health literacy skills in the different areas. However, we noted that relating to functional health literacy 22% reported that they ‘‘often’’ needed help to read health information and a further 24% ‘‘sometimes’’ needed help. Of these a third said they could ‘‘often’’ access help, and 27% reported they could ‘‘sometimes’’ get help. We noted higher scores on the

Table 2 Item scores, cross-tabulations and factor loadings.

AAHLS item Item score

(mean and SD)

Chi-square tests: value and significance Principal component analysis





Age Health rating Gender Factor loadings

Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3 Factor 4

Functional health literacy

FQ1 How often do you need someone to help you when you are given information to read by your doctor, nurse or pharmacist?

2.33� 0.81 34.91 <0.00**

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