Assignment: Types Of Oral Medication

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Assignment: Types Of Oral Medication

Assignment: Types Of Oral Medication

Question 71

The nurse practitioner is performing a physical exam on a middle-aged African-American man Which of the following areas is a common site for melanomas in African-Americans and other dark-skinned individuals?

Question 72

A 47 year old male patient presents to the clinic with a single episode of a moderate amount of bright red rectal bleeding On examination, external hemorrhoids are noted How should the nurse practitioner proceed?

Question 73

What oral medication might be used to treat chronic cholethiasis in a patient who is a poor candidate for surgery?

Question 74

A patient complains of “an aggravating cough for the past 6 weeks” There is no physiological cause for the cough Which medication is most likely causing the cough?

Question 75

A middle-aged male presents to urgent care complaining of fever, dysphagia, and shortness of breath The nurse practitioner notes the patient leaning forward in a tripod position and drooling The clinical presentation of this patient suggests:

Question 76

The nurse practitioner is reviewing a patient’s lab report who completed the hepatitis B series 3 months ago Which of the following lab results would you expect to see in this patient?

Question 77

A 45 year old with diabetes has had itching and burning lesions between her toes for 2 months Scrapings of the lesions confirm the diagnosis tinea pedis What is the best initial treatment option for this patient?

Question 78

Which of the following is not a risk factor for coronary arterial insufficiency?

Question 79

A very active elderly patient has a documented diagnosis of arteriosclerosis obliterans Common expected lower extremity physical exam findings include:

Question 80

Which of the following medication classes should be avoided in patients with acute or chronic bronchitis because it will contribute to ventilation-perfusion mismatch in the patient?

Question 81

John, age 33, has a total cholesterol level of 188 mg/dL How often should he be screened for hypercholesterolemia?

Question 82

A 35 year old man presents with radicular pain followed by the appearance of grouped vesicles consisting of about 15 lesions across 3 different thoracic dermatomes He complains of pain, burning, and itching The nurse practitioner should suspect:

Question 83

Margaret, age 32, comes into the office with painful joints and a distinctive rash in a butterfly distribution on her face The rash has red papules and plaques with a fine scale What do you suspect?

Question 84

A child complains that his “throat hurts” with swallowing His voice is very “throaty” and he is hyperextending his neck to talk Examination reveals asymmetrical swelling of his tonsils His uvula is deviated to the left What is the most likely diagnosis?

Question 85

Which intervention listed below is safe for long term use by an adult with constipation?

Question 86

Which of the following is a secondary cause of hyperlipidemia?

Question 87

What condition is associated with mucus production greater than 3 months per year for at least 2 consecutive years?

Question 88

In order to decrease deaths from lung cancer:

Question 89

Marian, age 52, is obese She complains of a rapid onset of severe right upper quadrant abdominal cramping pain, nausea, and vomiting Your differential diagnosis might be:

Question 90

A 76-year-old male complains of weight loss, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping and pain Physical findings include an abdominal mass and stool positive for occult blood The nurse practitioner pain suspects a tumor in the small intestine The best diagnostic test for this patient is:

Question 91

Salmeterol (Servent) is prescribed for a patient with asthma What is the most important teaching point about this medication?

Question 92

The differential diagnosis for a patient complaining of a sore throat includes which of the following?

Question 93

Which of the following is the most appropriate therapeutic regimen for an adult patient with no known allergies diagnosed with group A B-hemolytic strep?

Question 94

Diagnosis of Crohn’s disease is made considering signs, symptoms and:

Question 95

A 60 year old male diabetic patient presents with redness, tenderness, and edema of the left lateral aspect of his face His left eyelid is grossly edematous He reports history of a toothache in the past week which “is better” His temperature is 100°F and pulse is 102 bpm The most appropriate initial action is to:

Question 96

A false-positive result with the fecal occult blood test can result from:

Question 97

Carl, age 78, is brought to the office by his son, who states that his father has been unable to see clearly since last night Carl reports that his vision is “like looking through a veil” He also sees floaters and flashing lights but is not having any pain What do you suspect?

Question 98

A 21 year old college student presents to the student health center with copious, markedly purulent discharge from her left eye The nurse practitioner student should suspect:

Question 99

Which antibiotic would be the most effective in treating community acquired pneumonia (CAP) in a young adult without any comorbid conditions?

Question 100

A 20 year old is diagnosed with mild persistent asthma What drug combination would be most effective in keeping him symptom-free?


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