BCCC Philosophy Incorporating a Personal Stance Discussion

BCCC Philosophy Incorporating a Personal Stance Discussion

Philosophy Incorporating a Personal Stance Discussion

Your first post is an essay of at least 300 words. See specific requirements in grading rubric. • You must then post two additional response posts to fellow students (min: 200 words each) by the end of each discussion week. • See specific requirements in grading rubric. Grades Calendar Office 365 Grading Rubric for Discussion Forums: E. Inbox Original Essay: Possible Points History At least 300 words in length and posted on or before the posted due date 3 ? Help Essay post correctly and effectively uses the information from the assigned course readings and/or videos fully answer the posted question. 6 The answer is both correct and complete. Essay post demonstrates the use of at least two of the assigned readings and/or videos from the course. In-text and works cited citations (MLA) 4 are required to substantiate the use of textbook information! 2 Response Posts to fellow student Response post clearly identifies by name the person to whom the student is responding and is at least 200 words in length. 1/2 Response to fellow student compares/contrasts the points made in your essay and the student’s essay. Response references specific points made 3/6 in both essays. Response to fellow student adds new information from the textbook(s) by referencing passages in the weekly assigned readings that relate to the points made both essays. In-text citations and works cited citations are provided. 2/4 No posts will be accepted for credit after the final discussion deadline! IMPORTANT NOTE: late work is not accepted in this course. This means that: 1. No posts will be accepted after the weekly due date has passed. If you miss the Thursday deadline for your essay post, you may submit your essay post as long as it is posted before the final weekly deadline, but you will lose 3 points. 2. The Exam must be taken the week it is assigned. You will not be allowed to take the exam after the week during which it is assigned has passed. 3. Also note that no credit will be given for attached documents in the discussion forum or for emailed nests 13:14 Thu Apr 8 1 99% < Reader View Available + Apple Bing Google Yahoo Word Knowledge List #3: ENGL 11… Х Topic: Discussion 1 Mail – Joseph, Claire – Outlook SOLUTION: Write an essay that I… PHIL 1602 Introduction to Philosophy 20775 > Discussions > Discussion 1 BARTonline Spring 2021 (Session 4) … Account Home Announcements This is a graded discussion: 25 points possible due Apr 11 Dashboard Course Syllabus 5 4 Discussion 1 A Outline Courses Modules Write your essay post (min: 300 words) and submit it on or before the posted due date. Calendar Assignments Quizzes Inbox Discussions Questions are significant and are essential to the process of both thinking and then re- thinking about the important issues and questions of life. On page 12 in Sophie’s World, the author posits an interesting theory: “… the only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder.” (Gaarder 12). He then follows this up with another thought-provoking statement: “Philosophers … believe that man cannot live by bread alone. Of course, everyone needs food. And everyone needs love and care. But there is something else–apart from that–which everyone needs, and that is to figure out who we are and why we are here” (Gaarder 14). Grades History Office 365 (? Help Please use the information in the course readings and videos to answer the following questions: 1. How important were “questions” to the philosophers you have been introduced to? What does your textbook say about the development of philosophy and its relationship to “questioning” behavior? 2. Choose two of the philosophers discussed in the readings and/or videos. What were some of the important questions that each one of these philosophers asked about their world and attempted to answer? 3. Do you have any additional “wonder” questions to add to the list developed by these early philosophers? 4. Of the many questions listed, which ones seem to be most important to you? Why? 5. What questions do you have that you think a course in philosophy will help to answer? Write your response posts (min: 200 words each) and post them on or before the posted due date. Respond to two of your fellow students (min: 200 words each). In both responses, greet the student by name. Reflect on what they have written. Then add the perspective of a new philosopher (not discussed in their essay or in your essay or in your other response post) to add depth to their post. How does the new philosopher you have chosen answer the questions? In what ways is this philosopher similar to and/or different from the philosophers they discussed? Use at least 1 of the assigned sources (e-book, textbook, videos) for week 3. Verify use of the source with properly formatted citations (both in-text and works cited) in both response posts. Search

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