Business Essay

PHL 245: Business Ethics

Homework assignment #5


You have a choice between A or B below. Homework is due on the last day of class (Wednesday, December 5th) by 8 AM. No late homework will be accepted. Answers should total to one page, single-spaced.


Choice A: Social Media in the Workplace (derived from exercise 8, chapter 7 of your textbook)

While some companies block employee access to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, others have a more permissive attitude. Explain several reasons a company might choose to permit – or be indifferent to—employees access to social networks. Explain several reasons a company might prefer to restrict personal use of these platforms. Do the pros of allowing use outweigh the cons? Or is it too difficult to generalize here? Support your answers with well-developed reasons.


Choice B: Fair Advertising (derived from exercise 4, chapter 8 of your textbook)

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulates advertising on the basis of two criteria: deception and unfairness. Conduct some research into the FTC’s precise definition of these criteria. In the view of the FTC what makes an ad unfair? What would count as deceptive? Provide example of ads (real or hypothetical) to illustrate these ideas. In your view, to what extent should the FTC protect a “gullible” consumer (one who is easily deceived or fooled?)? Provide well-developed reasons to support your view.

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