Capstone Discussion 1

Capstone Discussion 1

600 words  5 references that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions with your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Review the Industry Conditions Report and CapStone Courier found in the Reports section of the left hand menu in the CapSim simulation. Also, review the CapStone Team Member Guide.  Based on your initial review of the CAPSIM Capstone Business Simulation, what have you have identified as the key business issues that will impact your company? Prepare to discuss this issue with the other members of your team.

Your discussion should include the following:

  • Discuss the current situation in the CapSim simulation and the recent changes to the industry and competitive environment.
  • What competitive challenge is faced by your company? What are the opportunities and threats (Pettus, Ch. 4)?
  • Applying the business level strategies discussed in Pettus, Chapter 4, and market segment strategies discussed on page 24 of the Team Member Guide, explore possible strategic directions for your company and various sensor products. Reading and responding to the posts of your teammates is highly recommended.

CAPSIM. (2013). Retrieved from


Other guidelines on assignments include the following:

§ Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation to avoid any point deductions related to these matters.

§ It is encouraged that you use at least 5 credible and relevant sources (credible can be peer reviewed articles, articles from reputable journals, company specific internet web pages, or published books) for each task in most cases, this practice will essential for completing tasks. I encourage the use of CTU’s extensive library search engine for references. It is better than simply going to the Internet and searching non-peer reviewed sites or professional journals. Sources can include course textbook and at least one outside sources will also be helpful and per the grading rubrics, can sometimes impact the points earned on specific tasks.

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