Case Study

On the Costs of Being Nice

You can find this located at the end of chapter 5 of your text book. After reading the case, respond to the following questions:

Please number your answers:

5-14. Do you think employers must choose between agreeable employees and top performers? Why or why not?

5-15. Often the effects of personality depend on the situation. Can you think of some job situations in which agreeableness is an important virtue, and some in which it is harmful to job performance?

Type your answers into a Word document and attach.  Min of 400 words for the assignment.

The following is what I like to see in a case study: a) title page; b) Introduction – short summary of what is going on in the case study; c) the body of the paper including the specific questions asked in the assignment; d) conclusion – what did you learn from the case study? ; and e) References used to address the questions – this is not just the text for this course.

Please make sure your submission is in MS Word. Attaching your file is the easiest way to do this submission.

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