Case Study: Early Life of Infant

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Case Study: Early Life of Infant

Case Study: Early Life of Infant


Question 36. Question :

An infant should be able to say his or her first word by:

four to five months

eight to nine months

twelve to fifteen months

twenty four to twenty six months

Question 40. Question :

The latter part of adolescence includes the ability to develop ________ and _______ means to be a part of society.

strong attachments; sexuality

career; marriage

critical thinking; basic life skills

moral; intellectual means

Question 43. Question :

A fourteen-year-old adolescent presents with fatigue, endocarditis, pulmonary hypertension, arrhythmias, and congestive heart failure. You suspect he may have ____________.


pulmonary valve stenosis

aortic valve stenosis

a ventricular septal defect (VSD)

Question 45. Question :

A four-year-old male patient presents with his mother with a school referral regarding red eyes. Which questions would not assist in establishing a list of differential diagnoses?

Unilateral vs. bilateral presentation

Type of drainage

Vision status

History of a bacterial infection one month ago

Question 46. Question :

______________ adolescents should be screened for sexually transmitted diseases.




Sexually active

Question 47. Question :

An infant should no longer have a head lag when pulled from the supine to sitting position at what age?

Two months

Four months

Six months

Nine months

Question 50. Question :

____________ should be given as a supplement in the management of delayed puberty.

Vitamins B1 and B12

Vitamins D and E

Vitamin A and Calcium

Calcium and Vitamin D

Week 9 Assignment 3 Quiz (limited questions)

1. Question :

Secondary causes of headaches in children include head trauma. Which of the following symptoms is not associated with headaches following head trauma?

neck pain

has starting within 2 weeks of head injury

has that worsen with activity

vomiting without nausea

Instructor Explanation: See Current Diagnosis and Treatment, p 802

Question 8. Question :

A three-month-old male presents with a cath urine culture result greater than 50,000 E. coli, collected from the ER three days ago. The culture was collected due to an acute febrile presentation in the ER. The child was started on augmentin pending the results of the culture. Your next recommendation would be

to repeat the culture

order a renal ultrasound

no alteration to the current plan, follow up after completion of treatment

renal ultrasound to be done immediately and a voiding cystourethrogram(VCUG)

Question 14. Question :

Which of the following results would you most likely see in a child with a viral infection?



Elevated band count

Increased neutrophil count

Question 17. Question :

The best way to screen for human papilloma virus in an adolescent female is _________.

IN cervical culture and Pap smear

visual inspection and Pap smear

visual inspection only

pap smear only

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