CC Prejudice Discrimination Racism and Microaggression Questions




Set 1 – Question Pertaining to Derek Bell, Brown, and Interest-Convergence:

1) What did you learn from this particular reading? How does it relate to Prejudice, Racism, and Discrimination and/or the intersection of psychology and law/politics/policy-making? How does it contribute to our understanding of human motivation and power?…

Set 2 – Questions pertaining to the Clark & Clark Doll Studies (1947), McLaurin vs. Oklahoma, & Brown vs. Board of Education:

1) What are your overall thoughts about the Kenneth and Mamie Clark Doll Studies and these major legal  cases?

2) How does the notion of “interest-convergence” apply to the McLaurin vs. Oklahoma and Brown vs. Board of Education cases ?……

Set 3 – Questions Pertaining to Maragret E. Montoya (1994) – Mascaras, Trenzas, y Greñas: Un/Masking the Self While Un/Braiding Latina Stories and Legal Discourse:

1) What did you understand/learn from Mascaras, Trenzas, y Greñas? How do the concepts/ideas derived from the article relate to Identity, Prejudice, and Discrimination? Are there any other psychological concepts/ideas that are present/that you identify within this reading?

2) What is the concept of “masking” as presented by Montoya?

3) What do the braids represent in Mascaras, Trenzas, y Greñas?

Set 5 – General Questions about Prejudice, Racism, Discrimination, and Microaggression

1) What are the differences between stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination? How are these also all related?

2) What are microaggressions? How do these differ from blatant forms of discrimination? What are some subtle (less obvious) and overt (more obvious) forms of prejudice you, or someone you know, have experienced in your life?

3) What social conditions do you think might be responsible for breeding/feeding prejudice? How does society continue to maintain and perpetuate prejudice?

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