CC Socialization Gendered Socialized in A Variety of Ways Discussion





  1. Reflect on the ways you were socialized by your family. In what ways  was your socialization gendered? What toys did you play with as a  child? What activities were you encouraged to pursue? What household  chores did you perform?
  2. In your family, are there any gendered expectations that reinforce  the traditional family structure? In your family, who fulfills the  instrumental and expressive roles? Provide examples.

Respond to one post with thoughtful feedback. Not responding to a  post, or not answering the questions, will result in points deducted.




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The socialization I experienced from my family exposed me to social norms to establish gender from the toys, movies, clothing, and colors allowed to display or speak. I was encouraged to wear pink and neglect masculine dark colors like blue or black. I became aware there were two gender roles based by the socialization in my family. Through the socialization I received from my family, I was able to identify the distinct expectations of those gender roles acknowledge by my family. I learned behaviors were unchangeable such as masculine activity. I learned social values, beliefs, and attitudes associated to particular gender roles based on the norms tolerated by my family. My family began to gender stereotype to further establish the male gender roles among family members. The sexism created among my family enabled the production of social constructed gender roles. Gender socialization established inequality among education, independence, and accessibility to privileges. The expectations of gender conformity allowed for unequal access to social resources such as employment, household management, and labor. The socialization of gender creates the patterns of subjugating women in house holds and in labor positions to further perpetuate male dominance in their society.

The ways my socialization was gendered was the interactions introduced by my family. My families expressed masculine or feminine human behavior to establish gender roles. I was exposed to symbols, images, or toys that were associated with social constructed idea of the defining elements of a women. I was exposed to gender specific roles such as cooking, cleaning , and child care which was seen exclusively given to the women in my family. The gender exclusive responsibilities were created by my family to separate the domestic roles among each gender role. My socialization was gendered by the inequality experienced by the exposure to gender stereotyped work like mechanic, cooking, or mimicking masculine behavior. The power of my strength was tested and assumed due to my the socially constructed gender stereotypes created among the patriarchy of my family.

The toys I played with as a child were toys assigned to me based on my gender role such as Barbie dolls, kitchen sets, and baby dolls. I was given tea sets, Barbie dream house, and a shopping cart. The toys I also played with were princess dolls, make up, and nail polish. I was denied access to any masculine toys.

The activities I was encouraged to pursue was ballet, cooking lesson, and sewing club. The other activities I was encouraged to pursue were painting, track and field, and reading. I was also encouraged to bake, crochet, and fashion design. *The household chores I performed were cooking, cleaning, and child care. I was assigned to perform cleaning duties such as toilet cleanig, bath tub cleaning, and mopping of all floors. I was also given the chores to take the trash outside into the bins and create most of the the family meals. I was also obligated to perform breakfast duties such as dish washing, cooking, and grocery shopping.


In my family, there are gendered expectations that reinforce the traditionalfamilystructure. I live with elders. The elders in my familyestablish eh gendered expectations which reinforce the traditionalfamilystructure in the household. The men in the family will not be allowed to cook, clean, or wash any household item or surface in the home. The expectations extend to holidays which allows the men to watch the women cook, clean, establish child care, and wash the entire home. The expectations reinforce the traditional family structure which contribute to behavioral patterns, habits, and establish domestic duties. Traits and attitudes are created by these expectations. Gender inequalities create gender specific goals and project roles among the house hold members.

In my family, who fulfills the instrumental roles, such as providing financial support and establish the family status is my uncle. My uncle provided the money to pay for the rent which allows us to remain in our home and in our neighborhood. My mother fulfills the expressive role which provides the emotional support and physical care for the children in my family. This does create a balance in our household to function properly. This established roles allows for a balanced and functioning household. My uncle is able to provide the house repair, the financial support for the house rent, and security to keep intruders out of out home. On the contrary, the expressive role is fulfilled with the emotional health and wellness of the home to maintain a health and happy inhabitants.

Thank you for reading.


Diane Montalvo

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