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Discussion POST : Urbanization and Population Growth

Describe how urbanization and the population growth rate are going to cause problems in the coming years.


When populations grow, they tend to urbanize locations they live in and grow the concentration of people in one area. Over population can bring many difficulties to one’s society such as hunger, poverty, and other shortages like clean water. The earth can only provide so much sustainable food and water, and once we hit that limit some serious consequences will surely follow. Another problem over population causes is an increase rate of poverty. As we have previously discussed, poverty can be caused by many factors. One key aspect of poverty is the lack of well-paying jobs or the ability to find a job at all. When you increase the amount of people living in an area it can often cause a scarcity of jobs in return. Understanding just how population growth will occur in the coming years is also a debatable topic. Some believe that population growth is exponential and will only continue to have a higher growth rate each year, whereas others believe it will be a steadier growth, but both can agree that, “A slower growth rate still spells catastrophe – it will just take longer for it to hit” (Henslin 2013, 584).


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