CSCI 4163 Dalhousie University User Experience Design Paper

CSCI 4163 Dalhousie University User Experience Design Paper

User Experience Design Paper


Assignment #2
Due 11:59pm February 28th
Assignment 2:
You are working at a new start-up company – EVENSNAPPIERCHAT. The flagship product
is an app that allows users (mainly teens) to send and receive images/texts that will
disappear on the recipient’s phone after 10 seconds. Given a recent spate of bullying,
the government has outlawed such apps as they by intention do not leave a paper
trail, so cannot be used to prosecute cyber-bullying crimes. Your company is in danger
of folding and the entire team is scrambling to figure out a way to maintain the essence
of your product, while allowing for appropriate investigative mechanisms for law
enforcement and/or parents (for users under 18) to access a history of
communications to/from each account. You have been employed by the Boss to find
out the answers to the following research questions:
1. Will teens still use your app if they know thattheir communications are no longer
2. What features would be necessary forthem to continue as users?
3. What proportion of texts/photos would they NOT send if there was an easily
accessible history?
4. How should log access be managed? (Should someone logged into the account be
able to see the logs? Should it only be accessible at the corporate level)?
The Boss (who has no HCI chops) has read a UX methodology website and is firing out
methodologies to use. You have been assigned a set of two seemingly random
techniques (see the next page) to use. Write a 5-page report for the boss. (12 font,
single spaced).
Page 1: Provide an analysis of the two assigned research methodologies and their
appropriateness for use given the research questions
(strengths/weaknesses/tradeoffs/how they complement each other (or not!) and
your need for quick and accurate results (the future of the company depends on
you!). Use references as needed to justify your claims.
Pages 2-3: Provide a brief outline of the best study design you can come up with using
the assigned methodologies (overview of protocol, tasks, setting, give examples of
questions/things you could observe/etc.). You may either deploy the two
methodologies concurrently (2 studies) or do a mixed method approach (one study
employing multiple methods), whichever fits best. You should choose the best
variant of each methodology to achieve your goals (e.g., focus group with or without
Page 4: Analysis of study design. Discuss the strengths of your study design and
any remaining limitations (what questions will be unanswered/partially
answered? Are there any concerns about generalizability/precision/realism of the
Assigned methodologies:
1. First methodology: Your BannerID mod 7 (note: if the result is the same as
methodology 1)
2. Second methodology: (n + 6)/2, where n is the index of the methodology chosen
from 1 above. For example, if your first method is Dairy study/probe, n would be 4.
Approximate answer to the nearest whole number.
3. If the second methodology is the same as first, add one to the answer.
0. Focus group
1. Questionnaire
2. Structured interview
3. Semi-structured interview
4. Diary study/probe
5. Contextual inquiry
6. Simple Observation
7. Think Aloud
Marking scheme:
2 pts – Analysis of assigned methods (correctness/completeness/clarity of
4 pts – Study design (does it maximize the benefits and minimize the
limitations of the methodologies? Does it make good use of time/limited resources?
Is there enough detail and clarity to understand your approach?)
3 pts – Analysis of study design (correctness/completeness/clarity of
1 pts – Overall professionalism (punctuation, grammar, consistent formatting,

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