CU Plato and Aristotle on Rhetoric Oratory Essay

CU Plato and Aristotle on Rhetoric Oratory Essay

CU Plato and Aristotle on Rhetoric Oratory Essay


This is the paper on Plato’s and Aristotle’s—on rhetoric/oratory.…

In our readings for class we have seen two perspectives—Plato’s and Aristotle’s—on
rhetoric/oratory (remember, both terms translate ῥητορική). In this paper you will need to:
1. Give an account of one of these thinker’s positions concerning rhetoric, using textual
evidence, you must quote and paraphrase with proper citation, to show that your
recreation of the account is accurate. 2. Give a preliminary evaluation of the account with argumentation for why the position is
right or wrong. 3. Provide some criticism of the position using the position of the other thinker, again with
quotes or paraphrases properly cited, or a plausible account of their position. 4. Write a response to the criticism from the perspective of the first position you described
and indicate if you hold that this response is able to answer the criticism. Now, you need not ultimately develop the position that Plato and Aristotle are opposed in their
views on ῥητορική, but whatever position you take, you will need to argue for that position. The
paper is an argumentative paper; it cannot consist only in comparing and contrasting Aristotle
and Plato—you must stake out a position using those two thinkers. This means you will come
down on a side and what side you will take should be indicated in a thesis at the start of your
paper. Please reach out to me if you are unsure in any way with what you want to do; offering
guidance with these sorts of things is part of my job. Do not forget that you will need to give a thesis at the start of your paper concerning your
ultimate position, i.e. who you take to be correct and why, before you launch into the account- giving, and that what is in that thesis should direct what is relevant for the account that you give. Given the number of tasks in this prompt, the page minimum for the paper is 7 double-spaced
pages, with 4/5
ths of the last page needing to be full for it to count, and bibliographical or cover
pages not counting. Citation format:
(Rhetoric I.1 1355b8-1355b22)
Since you are only allowed to cite internal sources, and please cite the in-text citations like the
one above. The source I gave got each paragraphs’ mark on the left or the right column.
1. Plato—Gorgias
2. Aristotle—Rhetoric I.1-5
Class lecture
Gorgias Lecture

Rhetoric I.1-5 Lecture

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