Cypress College Sociology Family and Marriage Discussion




  1. After reading how family is defined in the textbook, create and state your own definition of the family.

2.Which theoretical perspective(s) relates to your definition of the family?

3.Describe how your definition of the family relates to the theoretical perspective(s) you selected.

Respond to one post with meaningful feedback. Not responding to a post  or not responding to all parts of the discussion, will result in points deducted.


My family is a family of orientation which I was born into. I’m only eighteen and don’t anticipate having a family of procreation for a while. I would define my family as a typical nuclear family. I grew up with both my parents who worked full time and cared for me and my siblings. Both of my parents put in equal amounts both financially and emotionally into our family throughout my life. I would consider my family to be symbolic functionalism. Growing up, my parents always taught my sisters and I to be independent and how to transition into adulthood. An example of this is how my parents got my sisters and I bank accounts as early as possible to help us understand how to manage our money from a young age which I’m very grateful for. My family relates to the functionalist family because my immediate and extended family contribute towards society which is completely intertwined and takes effort from everyone.

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