DePaul University Consumer Behavior Macdonalds Research Project Report

Consumer Behavior Macdonalds Research Project Report


Attached is a model of Consumer Choice Behavior. Also feel free to choose any company for this project. For the Questionairre you can come up with a fake data for that.

Research Project

The research project will be carried out on a company of your choice. The purpose of the research

project will be to provide a “real world” insight into the topics we cover in class. The project will be

based on the Model of Consumer Choice Behavior presented to you Week 2. I would like you to pass out

your questionnaire (sample questionnaires are included in the POWEROINT PRESENTATION Week 2) to a

total of 30 people, 15 who represent consumers who use the products/services sold by the company

you chose, and 15 who represent consumers who do not use the products/services sold by the company

you chose. You can collect the data either in person or on the Internet.  You should summarize the

results from the data you collect, and compare the 2 groups of consumers on each question asked.  You

can use simple percentages, a bar chart, or any other format that you choose to compare the 2 groups

of consumers.  These results should then be listed in a Table that is presented as an Appendix.  The

research project should be a 10 double-spaced typed page report (not less than 10 pages and not to

exceed 12 pages) not including Appendices. It should include the following sections:

Section I: Introduction to project


Company chosen (Example: McDonalds)/support with description of products and services sold


Problem identified (Example: Health trends moving away from fried foods)/support with



2 Groups of Consumers chosen (Example: McDonalds Users and Nonusers)/rationale for the

choice. Total pages: 1-2

Section II: The Questionnaire

: A discussion of the results of your research study. This should be based

on the Table you put together in the Appendix.  Total pages 2-3

Section III: Marketing Analysis:

This should include a discussion of the way in which the company should

segment their market; position and target their products and/or services; and develop their 4P’s.

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