Discussion Post For Nurse

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Discussion Post For Nurse

Discussion Post For Nurse

Please use the two sources provide in the attachment  plus 3 more souses of your choice for in text citation and references 

You may use numerous forms including web pages journal articles, text books, interviews,Take time to look for professional resources who offer valid research and insight to your topic

Try to use a minimum of five current references

Include a (1) Introduction, (2) Body and (3) Conclusion


use for peer review that includes a type of Cohort, Quantitative or Qualitative research design and include in the introduction section of the paper include the outcome of the study

Example: A quantitative research study was conducted in Australia surveying 110 ER nurses to determine if the use of intraosseous insertion decreases the mortality rate of cardiac arrest patients. The conclusion of the research study conducted concluded that ……..

Nursing professionals have many tools at their disposal to help make them better at their jobs. From career resources to free online CEUs, there is hardly a shortage of online resources to help make you a better nurse.

Nursing forums are a great resource for connecting with other nursing professionals. Knowing how to find the most useful ones is an invaluable tool to add to your nursing toolkit. Googling “nursing forums” returns a lot of options. Since nurses are a busy bunch, we decided to compile a list of the forums with the most activity and positive reviews from users. Here are our top five picks for must-have nursing forums on your list (and tips for using them to your advantage).

Top five nursing forums
1. AllNurses.com

There is probably more information on this nursing forum than most nursing professionals ever need, but it is better to have too much than not enough. Blogs, informational articles, and current nursing headlines are featured on AllNurses. There is also an active forum where nurses can dish about the pros and cons of their jobs and ask questions relevant to nursing best practices. It even allows users to start their own “breakroom club” under the menu item “Breakroom,” found in the left-side menu on the main landing page. Discussions are categorized by nursing specialty and status. Even nursing students have a voice on this forum, making it an instrumental resource for surviving nursing school. Basic memberships on the site are free, with the option to upgrade to a Platinum membership with additional perks.

2. Reddit.com nursing subreddit

Reddit is a wonderful forum for connecting with others who share careers and other interests. This Reddit nursing forum has more than 213,000 members who stop by to discuss the latest news and trends, plus anything that happens to be frustrating them about their chosen profession. They also share accomplishments and funny stories about their daily lives on the job. New nurses are invited to ask questions of the more seasoned nursing pros on the board, and all can share tips about new nursing gadgets and techniques they find helpful in providing the best nursing care possible to their patients. Nursing professionals must have a Reddit account to join the forum, which is moderated. When joining, we recommend not using any personally identifiable information in your username, which will be displayed for all other forum users to see every time you post. While these forums are helpful for nurses, they also can get them into hot water depending on what is being publicly discussed.

3. Mighty Nurse

Operated by RN.com, this nursing forum bills itself as a one-stop shop for every nursing need. Visitors to the site can explore the best ways to advance their nursing careers, sign up for continuing education courses, and stay current on the latest news and nursing trends. New nursing graduates may find the temporary and permanent employment listings on the site helpful. Mighty Nurse also allows nursing candidates to upload their resumes to the site for consideration by healthcare facilities and providers actively seeking to fill nursing positions.

4. Travel Nursing Forums

This forum, hosted by UltimateNurse.com, focuses on the unique situations experienced by travel nurses. Travel nurses are RNs from different clinical backgrounds who work for independent nursing staffing agencies. They fill in where they are most needed temporarily. Sometimes they help fill nursing gaps and other times they may provide in-home healthcare to patients who must receive ongoing nursing care for chronic conditions. Travel nurses can use the forum to connect with recruiters, talk to other travel nurses, and explore travel nurse best practices. There is even a section for travel partner hook-up that helps pair travel nurses who desire the security that comes with traveling in pairs.

5. Incredible Health

Nurses can find everything they need to succeed in their profession right here on Incredible Health. From free nursing CEUs that keep you updated on the latest skills and trends in healthcare, to the best nursing opportunities on the U.S. market. Aside from being able to leverage the site to find the ideal nursing position to match your skills and qualifications, there is also a forum for nurses to offer support and advice to one another. The Nurse Community forum gives nurses who are feeling stressed, burned out, or uncertain about their nursing careers a place to find solace and support from other nurses who have been there. Nurses must register to participate in the forum.

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