Discussion Questions

INFO 305 -300 words, 2 scholarly resources, 1 Bible reference, APA format

Topic: Knowledge management, accountable care organizations (ACOs)

Question/Prompt: After reading the case study (“Knowledge Management in Accountable Care Organizations” by Gordon D. Brown on p. 172 of the Brown et al. text), create a strategy to leverage the knowledge base of the practice against the value of knowledge within the developing accountable care organizations (ACOs). As you consider your response, reflect on these additional guidelines:

  • What change will be made on who accesses knowledge generated by the practice and how would it be used?
  • Address each of the 5 quality domains specified by the ACO mandate and justify their inclusion or exclusion.
  • What new properties of the decision support system must be included within the proposed strategy?
  • What form of organizational structure would be formed by the ACO?

What value is brought to the ACOs, and how would it be assessed? How would the practice be paid for its value added services?


HLTH 485 -300 words, 2 scholarly references, 1 Bible reference, APA format

Topic: Leading Cause of Death

Table 11-1(1).MHT

Thread: Table 11-1 in your text (also attached above) presents the top 8 leading causes of death in the United States according to selected risk factors. Today, 7 out of 10 deaths among Americans are from chronic diseases. About 1 in 4 people with chronic disease experience daily activity limitations. Despite the advances in science, technology and medicine, preventable behavior-related chronic diseases have continued to cause a rise in heart disease, cancer, stroke and many more. As a health care administrator looking at this table and focusing on the social environment (those with a low socioeconomic status) and the behavior-related aspects, how would you address the issues presented on the table? You must select at least 2 social environment factors and explain how they correlate to 2 behavioral risk factors. You must include a biblical rationale that supports your answers.


BUSI 304- 300 words, 2 scholarly resources, 1 Bible reference, APA format


How might you manage the phenomenon that raising benchmarks to “aspirational” levels means reporting more failures to the public?

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