DPU Consumer Behavior Motivation and Attitudes

DPU Consumer Behavior Motivation and Attitudes


Answer the following questions. I will provide attachments with the chapter information for you to answer each individual question.

1.Discuss the Internal Influences of Motivation and Attitudes, and highlight at least 2

different Figures or Tables from Chapters 4 and 8 (2 for Motivation and 2 for Attitudes)

that you think represents the most important insight into each influence.

2.First of all, discuss The Diffusion of Innovations from Chapter 14. Label all parts of the

process and explain each one. Next, I would like you to use that process to explain how

and why Tesla has been so successful.

3.Using the 5 Values Consumer Choice Model as a strategic framework, I would like you

to discuss how VW will be able to compete with Tesla successfully with their new

electric SUV (Model ID.4).

4.Go through each of the 5 Values in the Consumer Choice Model that you used for your

research study and explain how anyone of the Internal Influences is connected to it. For

example, you can explain how Motivation is connected to the Functional Value, and how

Perception is connected to the Social Value, et

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