Environ Care

A project engineer with EnvironCare is assigned to start up a new office in a city where a 6-year contract has been finalized to take and to analyze ozone-level readings. Two lease options are available, each with a first cost, annual lease cost, and deposit-return estimates shown below.
Location A Location B
First cost, $ -15,000 -18,000
Annual lease cost, $ per year -3,500 -3,100
Deposit return, $ 1,000 2,000
Lease term, years 6 9
* General Requirements: (I need your help to complete this exercise)
Answer and hand in the assignment questions in a Microsoft Word sheet and at least four sheets in theMicrosoft Excel software. For example: one sheet of Microsoft Excel with 15% and 18 years computations, another with 15% and 6 years computations, the third with 10% and 18 years, and the last one with 10% and 6 years computations.

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