Ethical Considerations Confucian Analects and Aristotle Research Essay

Ethical Considerations Confucian Analects and Aristotle Research Essay




Confucian Analects and Aristotle

Having now read substantial sections from the Confucian Analects and Aristotle’s

Nicomachean Ethics, your task for this paper is thus. You should put forth a definition of
“Virtue”, in doing so you will provide some evidence. In choosing how you provide this
evidence one must be aware of the differences between Aristotle and Confucius; do they have the
same definition of virtue? After putting forth your own definition, with supporting evidence from
one or both of our major texts, pick one or two virtues from Aristotle and Confucius and, explain,
(i) what they are, (ii) if they are the same, similar, or different, and (iii) why the conclusion in (ii)
is important. Please see above for the re- write policy. If you want to use an outside source, you
must approve it with me before hand. If you do use an outside source without prior permission,
you will lose a letter grade on this paper. 1000 words (approximately 4 pages).
Warning: Use Times New Roman, or Cambria. Double space. 12 point font size. 1 inch margins
(make sure to double check, people often mess this one up). Page numbers. Failure to do so is a
letter grade off your paper. This is (i) a college course, and (ii) this is not a writing skills class.
These are very basic writing skills. Points lost in this manner cannot be earned back via rewrite.

All the course material is in:…

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