ETHICS 1171 Saint Cloud State University Healthcare

ETHICS 1171 Saint Cloud State University Healthcare Directive Reflection Paper


Please fill out the Minnesota Advance Directive Planning for Important Healthcare Decisions and refer to it as you answer the following reflection questions for the Healthcare Directive Reflection. Please use the ethical theories chart to pick philosophers. Please find all the attached files for the detail directions,

1. Paragraph one (Ethical Issue Recognition – Criteria A): What ethical issues did you consider as you wrote your healthcare directive? What facts, data, or evidence is important as you consider your directions. Do you have all the information you need to make an informed decision? What else do you need to know? What complexities does this healthcare directive ask you to consider? Are any these complexities related to one another? What ethical responses does it ask you to engage? (see rubric skill: A, B).

2. Paragraph two (Influence of Context and Assumptions – Criteria B): What do folks around you assume about death and dying? What did/do you assume? Did any of these shift as you wrote your directive? What social-cultural factors influence you the most when you consider your death and dying? What is your position on one ethical question about death and dying.

3. Paragraph three: (Ethical Self-awareness – Criteria C). What are your core beliefs and values? Use the values inventory (below) to help you name them. Identify how you embedded your values into your directive. What surprised you as you wrote it? Did you learn anything about yourself or others? (see rubric skill: C).

4. Paragraph four (Understanding and Applying Ethical Theories – Criteria D & E): Consider at least one of the theories we studied this semester. Name the theory (philosopher, major concepts) and cite key principles or excerpts from the person’s work(s) that demonstrates you understand the theory. Explain in your own words how this ethical framework helps you consider what is the right thing to do. What might one of the theorists we studied say the ethics of medical treatment, death, and dying? When you apply this theory to the ethical dilemma of how to direct others about your death and dying, what does this theory indicate one ought to do? Do you agree? Is there something it misses? If so, can you identify what this theory lacks?

5. Paragraph five (Different Ethical Perspectives – Criteria F): What oppositions challenges do people argue about medical treatment, death ,and dying and what moral objections are commonly raised. Do any of these objections factor into the decisions you have made with your directive? Why or why not?

6. Paragraph six (Conclusion – Criteria E): What will you do with this directive? Where will you file it? Who else knows about it? Does this directive prompt you to take other actions to care for yourself and your community

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