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I need a final paper about Chinese Literature

Students should submit a final paper by 12/13 (Friday) on Canvas. Below are the requirements for the final paper: The essay should be at least 1200 words, excluding notes and bibliography. The essay should focus on one or two stories we read this semester. It should consist of several (3-4) body paragraphs each containing a subtopic that is clearly linked with the main topic. If you choose to discuss two stories, please make sure that that is a common theme that can connect them. The essay should cover the main topic’s key question(s) and terms. Student should fully utilize the class lectures and discussions to achieve a better understanding of the question, and elaborate it in your own words. Students are expected to select, organize, and interpret relevant materials in a cogent and concise manner in their answers. All materials should be clearly related to the main topic. Students are encouraged to draw compelling examples from the stories and perform close reading in their answers. This would make your answer more concrete and specific. Do not generalize or use speculation in your answer. The essay should be free of grammatical errors and use the correct spelling & punctuation throughout. All references and quotes should be correctly cited using the Chicago Manual of Style ( At least two scholarly references are required for the final paper.

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