Youlou Kabasella and his wife opened Kinshasa Abroad, a restaurant in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Because of the diversity of the city and the restaurant’s proximity to Ohio State University, Mr. Kabasella had expected immediate success. However, turnout and revenue have fallen well short of his projections. To help him understand why performance has been below expectations and identify some possible ways to turn performance around, he has hired a marketing research consultant, Bill Christianson.

Immediately after his initial meeting with the Kabasellas, Mr. Christianson reflects on what yet must be learned in order to properly define the marketing problem and then later address it with appropriate descriptive or causal research.

What thoughts and associations have the restaurant’s general ad slogan (Kinshasa Abroad – African Cuisine and Culture) evoked in the minds of prospective customers?

a. What comes to mind when they think of African food, beverages, or music?

b. How consistent are these thoughts with what the food, beverages, and music are really like?

c. Among consumers who have not tried Kinshasa Abroad, what would their reactions be if they sampled African food, beverages, or music?

d. Are there more effective ways to communicate the nature of an African restaurant to people in Ohio?

e. Are there some “hot button” advertising themes that could be employed if certain consumer groups were better understood?

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