JGR100_Assignment2: DiSC Assessment Reflection


Assignment 2: DiSC Assessment Reflection

Due Week 5 and worth 100 points.


Instructions: Use your Everything DiSC Management Profile Assessment results to identify your DiSC management style and answer the questions below. Remember, this is a reflection of your personality and strengths, so there are no “right” answers. Just be sure to answer the questions honestly and thoughtfully.

DiSC STYLE: ___________

(insert style above ex: D, i, S, C, etc.)


1. Give a brief summary of what your style says about your management personality style. (Page 4 of your report.)





2. Did your results surprise you? Explain why or why not.



3. Go to Page 5 of your report. Identify your “priorities,” and write them in the space below. (These are the areas where you focus most of your energy.)





4. Describe two (2) situations where one or more of your “priorities” have helped you accomplish a task and/or helped you to be effective when working with others.







5. Locate the list of motivators and stressors on Page 6 of your report. Choose three (3) of motivators and three (3) of stressors that you most identify with. In the space below, write down why you chose these motivators and stressors and explain how you’ve experienced them before.






6. Locate the list of your strengths and challenges as they relate to directing and delegating. (Page 7 of your report.) Identify the three (3) strengths and three (3) challenges that you identify with the most. Explain why you chose those strengths and challenges below.







7. After watching the Strayer Story: Discovering Your Purpose: Strengths and Personality and reading more about your DiSC management style, identify three (3) jobs/careers that you believe would align well with your personality. Use the list of occupations in this week’s “Coach’s Huddle” to help you narrow down your choices. Briefly explain why you feel as though your personality would be a good match for these jobs/careers.



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