McDonalds Expand Globally While Adjusting Its Local Recipe

Case Study Guidelines: Case1-2/McDonald’s Expand Globally While Adjusting Its Local Recipe 1. Provide a top-line/executive summary as the introductory section of each case assignment. Summarize the case situation , identify the main issues covered. This summary should be no longer than two to three paragraphs.



2. Answer the case questions provided in the text. Questions are listed at the end of the written case. Do answer each separately, number them correctly, and answer them in sequence. Take care to point out the pros and cons of the main topics before you justify your answer. This approach demonstrates critical thinking and problem solving.



3. Identify and discus issues that you consider to be important or relevant to the case, but are not covered in the case questions.



4. The case analysis should be 2-3 pages in length



5. APA FORMAT and in-paper citation, 12 Font/Time Roman/Running Head



6. Be sure to include outside references sources and (and cite them) beyond the text. A references section is considered additional support material which is not included within the 3 page case length limit. Include references as 4th page.



7. Case study will be submitted to “Turnin Submission Evaluations”

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