Metropolitan State University of Denver Kuchisake Onna Japanese Yokai Presentation

Metropolitan State University of Denver Kuchisake Onna Japanese Yokai Presentation

Japanese Yokai Presentation


Hello, I need help with making a powerpoint presentation on any Japanese Yokai of your choosing. See below for directions dont worry about the sounds, i will take care of that:

“This project should identify and describe a Yōkai of your choosing.

Your presentation should be 8-10 minutes long, and it should be presented as a PowerPoint slideshow, with sound (meaning you are going to give us a lecture on this topic). These will be posted into the course shell so that others can watch your presentations.

In your presentation, you should tell us:

  • Basic traits/description of the yōkai. Make sure you explain the meaning of the yōkai’s name.
  • Any major legends or stories about your yōkai (this will have to be an abbreviated version of the story or stories, as your time is limited, and there is a lot to cover)
  • Ways to escape, should we encounter your yōkai
  • Modern expressions of your yōkai, or things in popular culture that have been influenced by your yōkai (this would include things like manga, video games, popular movies, etc)
  • A brief analysis of your Yōkai and its meaning. This means how would you explain belief in your Yōkai? Where might such stories come from? You might consider a sociological, psychological, anthropological, historical, or moral/ethical lens. Is there something that your yōkai is explaining or teaching about the world
  • Please make sure that you are using research (not Wikipedia) for these presentations, and that you include a slide at the end for your references page

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