Miami Dade College Philosophy Abortion Law Discussion

Miami Dade College Philosophy Abortion Law Discussion

Philosophy Abortion Law

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One of the maximum injustices that the abortion laws protect in the world is to degrade the existence of an individual of the human species to a second category for the sole fact that its survival depends on the mother. She is indeed the owner of her body, but her ownership does not extend to someone else’s bodily territory. The freedom of men and women to decide about their sexual and reproductive life is not in question, until the moment when its exercise nullifies the freedom and dignity of another. Why should the freedom and rights of those who can stand on their feet be recognized, a higher status than those who silently prepare to begin breathing with their own lungs?

The defenders of abortion have solved a simple and categorical way of ignoring the life and rights of a human being in gestation: denying their status as a person. Beyond the thousands of pages that scientists, philosophers and jurists have written to demonstrate the biological, constitutional and social beginning of the person, I only allow myself to ask one question: Or did someone you know, had the possibility of reaching this moment in your life without having passed through your mother’s womb? Do we know any human being who has skipped the gestation stage?

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