My Topic Is Racemization, Organic Chemistry

Write a 2- 3 page report

-require only the final report

-Full Instruction is on file

•Provide answers to the case study questions in Part 1 (a–e) at the start of your report.

• Critical Analysis Report: Using the answers to the case study questions in Parts 2–4, describe the major points of the case in essay format. Summarize the outcomes and concepts discussed in your lab session. Incorporate the answers to the case study questions into your report essay—do not write separate individual answers.

• Provide a short description of the outcomes of the experiment by Noorduin, et al. How does the experiment by Noorduin, et al., provide a “proof of principle” to the theory of chirality enhancement?

• Provide a critical analysis of the experiment. Does this experiment provide the answer to our question (i.e., how did amino acids become 100% “L” from achiral starting materials)? Describe the positive and negative contributions of this paper to the theory.

• In your conclusion, please address the fi nal point from Part 4. Noorduin’s paper suggests a reason for the enhancement of chirality from a small excess (1–2%) to complete asymmetry (100%). It does not address how that initial excess appeared in the fi rst place. You have been given one theory about how chiral molecules appeared on earth—do you believe it? Are there weaknesses in that theory? Th is section is intended to be open— ended—points will be given for your analysis, not just whether your answer is “correct.” (Th ere is no proven answer to this question.)

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