Ohio State University Women Being Underpaid in Sports Stems Questions




*DO NOT OWN BOOK* Read:Sport in Contemporary Society Ch. 27, 28 & 31 (10th Edition) D. Stanley Eitzen

Fair & Foul Ch. 8 (6th Edition) D. Stanley Eitzen


Why are Women Paid Less in Sport?

What Nike Told Me When I Wanted to Have a Baby

Essay 8 Assignment: 

To complete the assignment answer the prompts as a cohesive essay. Include quotes from the articles and an explanation of the their meaning along with a discussion of the readings’ content.


Women are paid less in professional sport, and in national averages women make about 80% what men do when we look at the gender pay gap across professions. This is not up for debate and has been well documented. The question is, why are women paid less in sport? Does it matter that they are paid less? Why or why not? And what can be done to create a more equitable earning potential for women in sport? Is it possible to achieve equality? Why or why not? Use the readings and the videos to consider this issue of pay inequity and discuss why it matters.


Explanation & Answer length: 500 words

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