Organic Chemistry Chapter 1 Summery

Directions: Use the following outline provided for this chapter to build your knowledge and skills of content mastery needed for organic chemistry. (You can add to it in any that you would like or else create an entirely new/original chapter summary of your own design.)

The purpose of completing a chapter summary is to ensure that you take ownership of your learning experience(s) by creating original (and meaningful) notes that coincide with the material you read from your e-text or other notable resources.

As you work on drafting your version of this chapter summary, remember to be thorough (and neat) and incorporate the following components in such a way that demonstrates your depth and breadth of knowledge of organic chemistry of the information covered in Chapter #1 – Structure and Bonding:

  1. Learning overviews, background information, and/or relevant introductions.
  2. Definitions of important vocabulary words and terminology to understand the context of the topics addressed in this stage of learning organic chemistry.
  3. Illustrations, diagrams, charts, figures, organic structures, chemical reactions, mechanisms, etc, to visualize how the processes of organic chemistry are developed to emphasize the key points of what you know.
  4. Examples of problems that you solve to reinforce what you are learning along with viable explanations of key aspects you mastered.
  5. An overall list of the top 8-10 most interesting/new things you learned from this particular chapter.
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