Performance Appraisal Processes

  • From the case study in Chapter 3 of your textbook, discuss two (2) issues associated with Precision’s current performance appraisal process that may pose a challenge for Jackson to implement a merit pay program. Provide support for your response.
  • Referring back to the case study in Chapter 3 of your textbook, recommend the most appropriate appraisal process that you believe will provide a reliable assessment to support a merit pay program at Precision. Support your rationale.

Respond to classmate:

There are several things here that will pose a challenge for Jackson to implement a new merit pay program for the company.  First, the employees have no job descriptions which means how does an employee know what is expected of him or her to fulfill their required job duties and to make sure they are meeting Jackson’s expectations.  Second besides having no job descriptions how then appraisal performance be done if there is nothing to gauge one’s work against.  I would recommend that Jackson do the following to make sure this new program for Precision is successful and employees are treated equally. First, they will need to create a standard/job description and clearly define what is expected and what is required to receive this merit pay.  The other part of this would train your supervisors what their job requirements are and what is required of them to productive and fair employee performance evaluations.  I guess the take away here is defining what it is employees are to receive and have an outline for all levels of employees to make sure it is even and fair.

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