Prin/Meth Health Plane


This is a major federal agency that provided health insurance to US citizens aged 65 or older. Thy also have the responsibility of maintaining extensive data on annual Medicare and Medicaid expenditures, as well as the Children’s Health Insurance Programs and national healthcare expenditures. What federal agency is this?

Question 2


  A. The purchase of a hospital by another facility or multihospital system is called a ————————–





B. Organization whose ownership is divided between a hospital and physicians on the basis of their contributions to the enterprise is called —————————-


C. —————————-designed to keep senior citizens in the community as long as possible by providing a combination of social and medical services.


D. An organization’s __________________, __________________, and ____________ provide the foundation on which the strategic plan is built.


Question 3


  What is an accountable care organization (ACO)?


Question 4






  What arwhat are the roles of the following groups in the health care value improvement process: boards of directors, senior leaders, Physicians, employees, and payers?




Question 5

Many elderly patients are being discharged from acute care hospitals after undergoing procedures such as knee and hip replacement surgeries. They need extensive rehabilitation services. From a strategic planning perspective, investment in what type of PAC facility would be best to pursue, given these circumstances?  Explain why


Question 6

In 1999, The Institute of Medicine (IOM) published To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System, to improve patient safety in health care; what are the six IOM aims for quality improvement?


Question 7

List 3 benefits of forming a joint venture?


Question 8

Why is diversity in the workplace so important? As a future healthcare professional, how will you make sure that diversity is part of your organization?

Question 9

Identify and discuss (a) one political issue and (b) one ethical issue related to the growth in the healthcare system of the USA and how might each of these issues impact the strategic planning of a healthcare organization.  Give examples to help you explain your answer.


Question 10

Who are the key stakeholders in a healthcare organization? Provide an example of a motivating statement that might engage one of these groups.

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