San Jose State University Inferential Statistics and Analytics Discussion

San Jose State University Inferential Statistics and Analytics Discussion

Inferential Statistics and Analytics Discussion


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I can use the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to determine the difference among several population means by examining the data. The strategy involves comparing the variability of the sets of data (Özak?n & Kaya, 2020). The analysts computes the variance within and between the samples collected. The larger the ratio between the two variances, the more the difference between the means. On the contrary, a smaller ratio implies that the mean are not significantly different.The purpose of the F-test is to assess the reliability of an ANOVA model.  The test gives the ratio between the within and between variances (Özak?n & Kaya, 2020). It can be used for two or more samples, depending on the researchers’ goal.The design involves grouping experimental units into blocks. The analysts have to randomly allocate the units to the groups. They should also ensure there is no interaction between the blocking parameters. The design differs from an independent experimental design since the latter allows participants are engaged in all independent variable conditions. The analysts samples them whenever testing a given situation. Therefore, an individual can participant in more than one test.

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In order to note the difference between the means of the data one can take use of the method one way analysis of variance named anova is helpful in determining the differences among means(Glen, 2021). This does tests among the groups of the data we are interested in to examine and measures the means to determine whether any of the means are statistically different from each other.The purpose for which F-test used is to do the comparison among the two variances. The way two of the variances are being compared is using the f-statistics and it done by dividing the two variances s1 and s2(Glen, 2020). The values of the variances here are in the positive number and this does generates the result of it always in the positive number. The equation contains the squares of the individual variances and divides them. There is possibility of having the two variances same value and making f value to 1(Glen, 2020). The test is done to measure whether the population variances are equal or not. As per (Glen, 2020), While doing the f-test it is always assumed that the both the variances values are same and this makes us assume our null hypothesis as that the both the variances have the same values.  As per (Glen, 2021), Randomized block design is the design in which the researcher does put the subject data under experiment in the homogeneous blocks and later on the tests are being assigned randomly in this methodology. In this method we need to take care that the variability within the blocks should be higher than the variability between the two block. This does makes the subject within the block same. As per (Glen, 2021), While in the independent experimental design the separate groups are created for each treatment associated in the design. This does make each of the participant to be only in one treatment group.

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Recommended Textbooks:

1.Discovering Statistics and Data, 3rd Edition, by Hawkes. Published by Hawkes Learning Systems.  Chapters 15

2.Lind, Marchal, Wathen, Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics, 16th Edition. Chapters 12

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