SOWK 7159 Our Lady of the Lake University Week 4 Voice Thread Peer Response Video




tical Thinking Responses to Peers Video Recordings:

  1. Create and submit a written script of a minimum of 2 peer response videos. The goal is to show organization of thought prior to recording your video responses to peers.
    • Your transcript should be verbatim. Both peer responses may be submitted on the same page (indicating the name of peer you responded to). NOTE: A 1-2 minute VT Video response paced well is approximately 250 words. You are encouraged to rehearse your script prior to recording it in VT.
    • Use APA style citations to reference readings discussed in your video discussion. These references can be from both the assigned readings and outside sources.
  2. Drawing from your peer’s video recordings, record approximately a 1-2 minute video response to at least two of your peers. Each reply must be a separate video recording.
    • Demonstrate analysis of peer video discussions
    • Extend meaningful discussion by building on previous video recordings
    • Ask questions or show examples to extend the discussion further using critical thinking skills.
    • Use practice examples or literary references to enrich your response content.
  3. After recording the video, return to your transcript to ensure that the text in your transcript matches what you actually said in your recording.
  • Your written transcript can be produced in Word and submitted electronically in this forum item (so that all students can have universal access to what you have said in the video). There is no set format. The instructor will be looking for proof of effective prior planning and preparation for your video presentation, as well as accuracy of text compared to your recording.


Explanation & Answer length: 1 Page

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