Switch and Bridge Versions of The Trolley Problem Essay

Switch and Bridge Versions of The Trolley Problem Essay


Switch and Bridge Versions of The Trolley Problem

1.Explain the “switch” and “bridge” versions of the Trolley Problem as Thompson explains them.  Explain and evaluate Thompson’s position and present your own argument for or against utilitarianism.  Consider possible objections and respond to them.

2.Should there be a free market in coronavirus vaccines atop the current priority system?  Present a utilitarian argument in favor it and a non-utilitarian argument against.  Is there a non-utilitarian argument in favor of it?  Defend your own position.  Make your principled basis explicit.  Be sure to consider and answer possible objections.

3. How can a government give its money currency in a population?  Why from a moral point of view must a government accept its own money when it is presented in payment of fees, fines, or taxes legally owed to it?  How might a utilitarian answer this question?  How might a non-utilitarian answer it?  Give reasons why you think one answer is better than the others.


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