The Analects of Confucius Discussion

The Analects of Confucius Discussion



Is philosophy always what we think it is? What types of cultural assumptions do we make when we engage with philosophic concepts? In looking at Confucius, particularly the Vocabulary, what assumptions did you make going in, and how were they reinforced, or subverted? In other words, is what Aristotle is doing in the Nicomachean Ethics the same as what Confucius is doing in the Analects?

In order to receive credit for these assignments (in general) you must do a number of things:

1. Have a post of at least 150 words on topic.

2. Contain one citation.

3. Include the password I drop in the audio lectures

3. It must use one of the WRAITEC ( The goodthinker’s toolkit) letters as a tool to prompt yourself.

How does one use WRAITEC? It is rather straightforward; pick one of the letters (such as R for reasons) and focus on the reasons for Aristotle making this or that claim. Any letter can be used, but be sure to be clear which it is you are using (at least for these first couple weeks of class).

Additionally, you owe your fellow inquirers two replies. This means you can either reply to two different classmate’s responses, or respond to someone who has replied to you. These replies should actually attempt to engage with your eachother. Posts consisting of very basic sentiments (mere regurgitation of what your class mate has said in order to prove you read their post to me), will receive no credit. A good way to not make a mistake here is by asking questions of your fellows. Such questions will encourage further conversation. These replies should be about 50-100 words, and this first one is due Sunday the 23rd by Midnight

Ultimately, this means I want to see three things from you weekly: a response, and two replies.

Please check this week material:…

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