The Ohio State University Philosophical Life of Leni Riefenstahl PPT

The Ohio State University Philosophical Life of Leni Riefenstahl PPT

Philosophical Life of Leni Riefenstahl

PowerPoint Presentation (PPP)

5 points available: factual content: 3 points; visuals’ style: 1 point; alt text 1 point.

See my first video and my Erich Loest PPP as templates. Both are in Carmen.

Some guidelines:

1. 8-10 slides in length; please remember to introduce yourself on slide one; you only do one PPP all semester.

2. This is a teaching presentation. You will be judged on your style as well as on your content.

3. Be prepared to submit your PPP by the agreed day (I have to read your PPP in Carmen to check it before I publish my own class video about the same topic); your PPP deadline will not appear in your calendar; please make a note of your individual PPP dropbox deadline.

4. No sound required; yes, these PPPs would be better with sound / a voiceover, but Carmen is not big enough to house 35 of them with sound, and using BuckeyeBox for storage has not been a success in the past.

5. Minimum of one image per slide with alt text for every image.

6. If you did not know a word when you were putting your PPP together, the chances are your peers do not know it either. Explain what odd words or specialist vocabulary mean. Notice that I try to use bullet points rather than lengthy sentences to do this. An image coupled with a brief explanation ought to get the job done. Do not simply cut-and-paste from Wikipedia etc.

7. Majority of PPP should tell us WHY we are discussing this person / event / topic. Get the biography/definition done in the first slide or two and then concentrate on the role of that person / event / concept in human history.

8. Last slide should be a url list of sources of factual information, but not where you got your images from! Please use about five different sources, do not use Wikipedia.

9. Again, put a description of any images in the ALT-Text:




10. Please use my Erich Loest PPP as a template, especially when it comes to explaining words and concepts that are not everyday matters.

11. Yes, you may include links to videos and transitions between slides.

12. Visuals’ style: in previous semesters I have had black backgrounds on slides with purple text. That was a visual disaster. Please make your slides clear for me and your fellow students. After all, you are teaching us about your topic.

13. Remember that you submit your PPP to a dropbox in Carmen by the date you choose and then I make it available to everyone in the class via another page in Carmen.

Good luck,


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