The University of Arizona Global Campus Week 1 Models of Community Change Comparison

The University of Arizona Global Campus Week 1 Models of Community Change Comparison

Models of Community Change Comparison

Week 1 – Assignment

Theories of Community Change

Compare and contrast models of community change in a 2100- to 2800-word paper exclusive of front and back matter. Find two or three relevant scholarly models of community change by selecting from course resources or from your own research.

(1) Briefly summarize the model.

(2) Evaluate the model from the criteria of (a) power, (b) diversity, and (c) culture.

You may elect to compare any pair of your choosing from the models.

Required Text

Homan, M. S. (2016). Promoting community change: Making it happen in the real world. (6th ed.). Retrieved from

Chapter 1. Understanding the Challenge of Change

Chapter 2. Theoretical Frameworks for Community Change

Chapter 3. Relating Community Change to Professional Practice

Required References

Anti-Defamation League. (n.d.). Imagine a world without hate [Video file]. Retrieved from A look at how the world would be without hate and more caring of others..

Price-Wise, G. (2009). Cultural competence: Managing your prejudices [Video file]. Retrieved from A video to help assess your cultural biases before working in the field..

ymcavan. (2010). Where did community go? [Video file]. Retrieved from A look at how we lost community in our culture and how we could get it back.

Recommended References

Habitat for Humanity. (2012). Advocacy in action [Video file], Retrieved from How advocacy can look once in action in a diverse community.

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